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Doctor Orders Healthy Food For Patients. What Happens Next Is Hilarious

Healthy eating and healthy living go hand-in-hand. It is important to eat nutritious and balanced meals to not only stay fit, but also to keep several diseases at bay. The best part is, healthy foods can be tasty too, making it a great option to offer or gift someone. Considering all these factors, a doctor recently ordered some healthy foods and snacks to surprise her patient; but unfortunately, things didn’t go as per plans. Instead, the situation took a hillarious turn, making headlines on the internet. Let us tell you the story from the beginning.
In a now-viral post on Twitter, the patient, who goes by the name Aaryansh, shared the complete story. He said that he consulted a doctor recently whom he met on the micro-blogging site. She prescribed some medicines and “to surprise me she ordered some fruits and health products,” the person wrote. However, the doctor forgot to change the address and ended up receiving all the products at her doorstep. “And now she’s asking the delivery guy , “Why did you come here”?” the post further read.
Alongside, Aaryansh also uploaded two images featuring a chat between him and the doctor and the food products the latter ordered, which included yogurt, fruits, chiwda and some other snacks.
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Check the tweet below:

The post in no time took Twitter by storm and garnered around 332k views and thousands of likes till now. Some people couldn’t help but comment on the funny situation. Let’s take a look at some comments on the Twitter post.
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One person said, “How adorable, perfect meal”.

Another joked, “She is paying her fees by herself”.

One user said that the doctor “surprised himself”.

“Wow. What a cute thing to do. Who even does this?” a comment read.

“We all need such doctors in our lives!!” a user commented.

“How innocent she is. But I loved her intentions,” a person wrote.

One user said, “She always wanted to order them for herself”.

Have you been in such a situation ever? If yes, then share your story with us in the comments below.

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