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Balanced food, regular excrcise good for healthy lifestyle: Experts : The Tribune India

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Amritsar, March 28

The District Health Department has advised the residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Health experts stated that the primary cause of these diseases is an unhealthy lifestyle which leads to overweight.

Maintaining a healthy weight is all about balancing the calories you eat with the calories your body uses. The most important ways to help maintain the balance is by eating a variety of foods and exercising regularly.

Civil Surgeon Dr Vijay Kumar said that apart from hypertension and diabetes, people can prevent many diseases if they intake a healthy diet and exercise daily. He said that people should avoid unhealthy junk food and prefer home cooked meals.

He said that hypertension and diabetes aggravate many other health conditions. A daily exercise routine of 30 minutes is sufficient for most people to keep themselves in shape, says Dr Vijay Kumar.

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