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Adopt healthy lifestyle, avoid single-use plastic: DU’s advice to colleges | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Delhi University (DU) has issued an advisory to colleges on adoption of sustainable environmental practices within the institutions.
Adoption of a healthy lifestyle, reduction of single use plastic and reduction of e-waste are some of the practices laid down.
In a notification issued, the university said, “To realize the goals of sustainable environmental practices, all are encouraged to spread awareness, assimilate and adopt practically doable life actions.”
Urging institutions to become “pro-planet,” and ensure meaningful contribution towards safeguarding our environment and ecology, the university said, “Plant trees to reduce the impact of pollution, avoid purchasing products or souvenirs made from skin, tuskers and fur of wild animals , create kitchen gardens, terrace gardens at homes, schools or offices and use smaller plates for daily meals to save food waste.”
Listing out the various actions to be undertaken, the university further said, “Create rainwater harvesting infrastructure in home, schools or offices, keep electronic devices in energy-saving mode, switch off appliances from plug points when not in use and switch off vehicle engines at red lights.”
Among the reduction of waste, the notification says, “Set printer default to double-sided printing and buy paper products made from recycled paper.”

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